99% crab...totally awesome!  blue crab, wild caught, back fin and jumbo lump, with spices.  gluten-free

​maryland style crabcakes

The only food truck at ground zero, continuing to serve the community, and its First Responders.


a gourmet food truck

3 crabcake sliders                         9
 crabcakes (2/order)                  13 
crabcake sandwich                      13
crabcake salad    1 cake                9
                        2 cakes               14
​maryland crab soup                     8
½ n ½–soup w/one cake             14
​t-shirts                                                     12

Prices include all applicable sales tax, we happily accept credit and debit cards at no extra charge.  Thank you!

please go to our Facebook page for our complete food truck schedule!